Thursday, June 13, 2013



If you still have questions about the new diamonds, check out all the great answers below!
What kind of items will be for sale in the Diamond Shop?
The Diamond Shop is filled with awesome animals, epic pets, and amazing items! Some of the items will be brand new, exclusive to the Diamond Shop, and some of the items will be the return of some beloved past Monthly Member Gifts!
How often will new items come to the Diamond Shop?
Just like all the shops in Jamaa, the Diamond Shop will receive new inventory all the time. So be sure to check back often, because you never know what you’ll find at the Diamond Shop!
What if I don’t have enough diamonds to buy what I want?
If you see an item in the Diamond Shop that you love but you don’t have enough diamonds, don’t worry! Each week, members of the Animal Jam Club will receive an additional diamond as a gift. Diamonds can also be won in the Daily Spin, and come with retail gift cards! So if you want one of the Diamond Shop’s premium items, remember to save your diamonds!
Where can I see how many diamonds I have?
To see how many diamonds you have, simply hover your mouse over the gem icon at the top of your screen.
What happens if I recycle an item bought in the Diamond Shop?
Items that are purchased in the Diamond Shop can be recycled for gems.
What happened to the Monthly Member Gifts?
Because members of the Animal Jam Club loved receiving a thank you gift from AJHQ every month so much, we wanted to make those gifts even better! Diamonds make it possible for Jammers to now choose which gift they want, as well as choose its color!
Do diamonds come with gift cards?
All gift cards that are purchased at a retail store now come with diamonds! This makes it possible for Jammers to choose whether they want a new animal (such as the Arctic Wolf), a new pet, or any of the awesome items for sale!
Can I buy diamonds in Animal Jam Outfitters?
Currently, all gift certificates that are purchased through Animal Jam Outfitters do not come with diamonds.
        All these things are Jammer's questions. Real Jammers asked these, and know the answers.


  1. what the code to get 10 or 100 or 20 or 30 diamonds I want to know because I have one diamond I waste them a lot I hope u get 100ndiamonds because I have one poop darn I hate it but I love lepords arctics no kangroos no lions either r they suck I love the lepord and artic soo tell me the codes for them too free

  2. well I know some people turn all white and dance for like, an hour or so. I dunno if it works, though. try it out!

  3. l really want sum diamonds for the cheetahs!

  4. LOL, I WANT A ARCTIC WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Cami your hot...

  5. i need a ten diamond code do you know one

  6. Wow Alex Cami is my bff yeah her article wolf is awesome ��

  7. i want a code so bad cause i want a artic wolf so bad i already have a cheetah and eagle

  8. I rlly need a hyena! I need 10 diamonds quickly before I explode!