Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adopting the Perfict Pup on Animal Jam

The adopt- WHO?
The Adopt-WHO? Is my little program of adopting a player to be a pup on your eyes.
The Wolf and the Tiger is a Skit on YouTube, and on Blogger. ENJOY IT TO FIND OUT MORE :D

Adopt- a WHO?

The Wolf and the Tiger
Wolf: "Hey Tiger want to go see the Pillow Room for any pups?"
Tiger: "Ummm..... I dunno Wolf."
Wolf: "Let's go adopt somebody and find a mate." :D
Tiger: "ADOPT- A WHO?"
Wolf: "We go to the Pillow Room, get a pup, and find a mate or something"

Tiger: "Okay.... I guess it sounds safe and not one of those crazy schemes you have."

Wolf & Tiger at the Same time: "LET'S GO!!"

The Wolf and the Tiger now has a bunny, and has a mate, but the tiger found it's own... and the bunny is the Wolf's and everything.....

Hope you enjoyed.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Hi everyone! To join this program, comment down below your animal jam username!
You will show up in this list. So right now, here is my example.
My username is Fuzzygoods
Members of the Fund:

New Codes

Hi everyone! I am so sorry that some of the codes didn't work. So I tried some of these, and you can too. Here is the list and what it gives you.
discovery – 1000 gems
ngexplorer - 1000 gems
drawing – 500 gems
HOOOT – 500 gems
kangaroo - 500 gems
koala - 500 gems
dolphin - 500 gems
Alphas – 500 gems
bemybuddy – 500 gems
AJHQ3000 – 500 gems
explorer – 100 gems
ajbday - Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake
birthdaybash – unlocks a birthday cake
10million – 10 million banner (this might have not be working this year)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why is Animal Jam Offline Sometimes?

Why is Animal Jam Offline Sometimes?

Animal Jam sometimes says this exact thing:

Animal Jam is Offline!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Animal Jam is offline!

Please check back soon!

But why? We can tell you here. Animal Jam are getting the 10 million jammer's diamonds, gems counted, every username correct, suspendening notes, banned notes, all that... Reported checks..... you know. So that is why they are offline. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013



If you still have questions about the new diamonds, check out all the great answers below!
What kind of items will be for sale in the Diamond Shop?
The Diamond Shop is filled with awesome animals, epic pets, and amazing items! Some of the items will be brand new, exclusive to the Diamond Shop, and some of the items will be the return of some beloved past Monthly Member Gifts!
How often will new items come to the Diamond Shop?
Just like all the shops in Jamaa, the Diamond Shop will receive new inventory all the time. So be sure to check back often, because you never know what you’ll find at the Diamond Shop!
What if I don’t have enough diamonds to buy what I want?
If you see an item in the Diamond Shop that you love but you don’t have enough diamonds, don’t worry! Each week, members of the Animal Jam Club will receive an additional diamond as a gift. Diamonds can also be won in the Daily Spin, and come with retail gift cards! So if you want one of the Diamond Shop’s premium items, remember to save your diamonds!
Where can I see how many diamonds I have?
To see how many diamonds you have, simply hover your mouse over the gem icon at the top of your screen.
What happens if I recycle an item bought in the Diamond Shop?
Items that are purchased in the Diamond Shop can be recycled for gems.
What happened to the Monthly Member Gifts?
Because members of the Animal Jam Club loved receiving a thank you gift from AJHQ every month so much, we wanted to make those gifts even better! Diamonds make it possible for Jammers to now choose which gift they want, as well as choose its color!
Do diamonds come with gift cards?
All gift cards that are purchased at a retail store now come with diamonds! This makes it possible for Jammers to choose whether they want a new animal (such as the Arctic Wolf), a new pet, or any of the awesome items for sale!
Can I buy diamonds in Animal Jam Outfitters?
Currently, all gift certificates that are purchased through Animal Jam Outfitters do not come with diamonds.
        All these things are Jammer's questions. Real Jammers asked these, and know the answers.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Animal's are traveling 
Animals are coming and going in Jamaa. They are: giraffes, rhinos, elephants, koalas, and hopefully none after that. Animal Jam shouldn't be taking th away. Post down below if you like what is happening or not!